...when we know


Our Cycle


we are EMPOWERED in a way

that cannot be taken away from us...

If it's 
our cycle * fertility * birth control * femininity * sexuality * pregnancy * birth * postpartum * motherhood * or menopause

There is so much wisdom & beauty in our female topics!

A lot of pain comes from confusion about how the cycle works and not knowing when we are fertile. To me the cycle is the basis for pretty much everything in a woman's life - and therefore in everybody's life. When we ourselves claim, know and own our fertility instead of depending on a doctor or device, the choices we make provide whatever we need to move through challenges life might have on its plan for us.

Just like we cannot grab an apple from the tree in winter (we can buy one in the supermarket in winter) we are not fertile throughout the whole cycle. Ovulation doesn't happen randomly and also cannot be provoked. There is times in our cycle when we are 100% infertile. The body is showing us sign of fertility which we can easily learn when we know what to pay attention to.

One topic that is very dear to my heart is the DUE DATE. We are taught to go to the doctor to find out when the baby will be born. But how can he/she know when we had sex? Only we ourselves are able to know when we conceived the baby. The chances of getting a c-section can be reduced dramatically when we calculate the due date ourselves - and also allow the baby the freedom to come when it's ready.
Also... not all apples on the tree fall down at the same time...

As a
biologist * birthkeeper * and probably rainbow warrior^^

I spread the knowledge about our cycle & fertility

everything from how our cycle works, when we are fertile, how we know when we are fertile, how we can either avoid or aim to get pregnant to learning how to best ride the waves of being a woman on this planet

I paramana doula freebirths

us women know how to birth - otherwise we wouldn't have survived as humanity
birth is meant to be undisturbed to prepare us for motherhood

I am an everyday doula

prebirth, postpartum or 'just' for everyday, I live at people's places and do everything from helping cook and garden, home/UNschool children, drive them places and do chores like laundry etc

Exchange in trade and/or crypto possible!

What it is

It is nonsense says reason
It is what it is says LOVE

It is calamity says calculation
It is nothing but pain says fear

It is hopeless says insight
It is what it is says LOVE

It is ludicrous says pride
It is foolish says caution

It is impossible says experience
It is what it is says LOVE

~ Erich Fried ~