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I am a woman. I'm not a person* (company/commodity/Mr. Mrs. Ms.) that was made through a birth certificate and social security number.

*person is Latin and means 'mask'

I believe that there is only 2 laws:

  • do no harm, loss or injury - neither to another being if it is not self defense nor to oneself
  • protect the vulnerable

In my mind there is no need for further laws as everything and anything is covered through these 2 laws.
It's nothing we have to learn in school or be taught by our mother and father. We know it in our heart...

I believe in choice. I believe in privacy. I believe in freedom. I believe in self responsibility. I believe in life.

I believe that we are given the chance to man/woman up. To adult. To break patterns&cycles that don't work anymore. 

I believe in love.
Love Is The Most Powerful Force In The Universe.

In times of corona... here is my Notice of Liability.
I highly enCOEURage you to use it as an in-spiration and write your own...