~ This is ME ~

For a long time I've described myself for being in the 'art of surviving'. I never lived a standard life. Starting from never having taken the pill to never really having had 9-5 jobs. Well I did work but longer than not life has taught me different ways to survive...

My purpose journey in this life has been a long one.

I think I never forgot completely. Not just never taken the pill but any drugs (no antibiotics, painkillers, shots, nothing), started to go to lectures of holistic doctors when I was 18, tried to work with them, learned from them but since I refused to become a MD knowing that this is not my path they couldn't help me.

I then tried to become a midwife but was told by the principle that I'm not intelligent enough. Studied biology in university but couldn't find a job that doesn't manipulate life so I had office jobs to pay bills.

I started my first The Female Cycle website in 2013, wanted to tell the world about the importance of knowing our cycle/fertility but it seemed to not have been ready. And neither was I...

...The dark night of the soul was waiting for me. It was through love... being in a 10 year relationship another man re-entered my life, one I was told had passed many years ago.

The dark night opened doors that blew my mind they could actually open (I was having arguments with my parents when I was 20 that I won't have stupid 9-5s) and all of a sudden I really didn't have 9-5s anymore.

I was starting to live at people's places. Most of the times money was not exchanged yet it seems it was/is always a win win for both me and the other as I give something back (mostly what I now call 'everyday doula').

It took me a while to shift from seeing my life as an art of surviving *haha* to confidently say that I am a biologist & birthkeeper (and probably rainbow warrior^^) who lives in different places remembering the 'simple' things in life (food, feelings, mindset), moment by moment.

Becoming a doula has also opened a whole new world for me.
Especially Ina May Gaskin and Michel Odent inspired me big times.
That a birthkeeper's and paramana doula's (only) job is to simply be there, holding space for the woman to do what she is meant to do.
That birth is the greatest initiation in a woman's life.
That women are born to birth.

I don't have children yet but can't wait for the day to experience birth myself ........

2012 I was in Rwanda, Africa

I volunteered in the Centre Nutritionnel Nyarusange and was able to see how babies are born in the Centre de Santé.
An experience that deeply touched me...

Oh, and I like to travel 😉